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Car air pump use method and precautions for use

2018/12/17 14:07:40

1. Every time you use the car air pump, you must use it after starting the vehicle. If it is turned on at startup, the battery will be fed, which will hurt the car battery.

2, car air pump because the power is relatively small, so the inflation will be slower, many car owners will use the car air pump for a long time, which is easy to cause the pump to be damaged due to overheating, the correct way is to use a few minutes to stop the pump for proper cooling .

3. Many vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure alarm system, but there is no tire pressure value for each tire. At this time, do not blindly use the car air pump directly. You can first measure the air pressure of each tire with an air pump, and then select the air pressure. .

4, car air pump is not suitable for inflating large off-road vehicles, large off-road vehicles have high tire pressure, it is difficult to use the car air pump to flush the tires of off-road vehicles.

5, many car owners will blindly use the air pump, the air pump is actually only used for temporary emergency, if the tire pressure is often unstable, it must be checked in time to prevent vehicle problems.

6. The line of the car air pump is very thin. If it is not used or stored improperly, it may cause the line to break. Therefore, the line must be well used when it is used.

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