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Car vacuum cleaner to clean the environment of the car

2018/12/17 14:05:20

What is the most annoying thing for the owners in the rainy season, I am afraid that "no car wash does not rain, a car wash will rain", the outside is uncontrollable, then control the inside. In the wet rainy season, the interior should be kept clean. Today, the owner should pay attention to the use of the car vacuum cleaner to clean the interior environment.

1. Pay attention to check the starting and working current of the vacuum cleaner. If the fuse of the power supply cannot carry the current of the vacuum cleaner and the working current, the power supply will burn out and cause danger. In addition, the power cord* of the car vacuum cleaner is long enough to be cleaned up to every corner.

2, the role of the vacuum cleaner is to vacuum, for more concentrated dirt, * Do not always slam the suction, you can first blow off the sputum and then gradually inhale.

3, for health, when using a car vacuum cleaner to vacuum * wear a mask, because the use of car vacuum cleaner is likely to cause dust to rise, if you inhale too much, it is easy to damage health.

4. When the dust reaches a certain level or is used up, remember to clean the dirt inside the vacuum cleaner, rinse the filter and dry it.

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